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5 factors that will affect your career in 2008

I came across this report on Yahoo!HotJobs, which lists the five factors that John Challenger, CEO of outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, predicts will most affect people’s careers in 2008.

These factors are pretty obvious (e.g., the presidential election), but they are worth reading for a reminder of how much current events impact individual people’s careers. I was happy to see “Generation Y” on the list, because I firmly believe that the generational shift taking place is going to have an enormous impact on all of our careers.

Below is my CliffsNotes version of the list. Click here for the full article.

Five Factors that will Affect Your Career in 2008

1. The housing crisis (less consumer spending)

2. The high price of fuel (not as attractive to take a job that requires a long commute)

3. The U.S. presidential election (Republican win = more defense jobs; Democratic win = more health care and “green” jobs)

4. Generation Y (young people flooding the job market, but perhaps not as many entry-level jobs available as in previous years)

5. The global economy (weak dollar could actually help U.S. business compete globally)

What are your thoughts on this list? What other factors will impact your career this year? Please share your thoughts…

  1. Brandon H says:

    “3. The U.S. presidential election (Republican win = more defense jobs; Democratic win = more health care and “green” jobs)”


    The UK is having horrible problems with it’s health care system, conceptually the same systems Democrats are pushing. Their quality of care has gone way down and both caregivers and patients are worse off.

    As far as the “green” jobs go, I would have to agree but, are they the right kind of green jobs? They will most like be bureaucratic green enforcers, not the bright innovators of private industry that are greening up corporate American without government mandates at the expense of Joe Taxpayer.

    If a Republican wins, we will have more jobs overall as the continue market-based reforms. Both Democrats who are running have committed to raising taxes on the highest tax brackets which also happen to be the rates Sole Proprietorships (small businesses and startups) are taxed at.

    Guess who creates 70% of the new jobs in the US? Those same small businesses that Democrats are trying to raise taxes on and saying it’s just “the rich”.

    It would be far more intellectually, historically and economically honest to say:
    3. The U.S. presidential election (Republican win = more jobs, less taxes, less spending; Democratic win = less jobs, more taxes, more spending)

  2. @ Brandon H – Thanks for weighing in with your comments on Challenger’s predictions. It will be fascinating to see what happens in November and how that affects our careers.

    – Lindsey

  3. Mark Kaefer says:

    Thanks for the link to the Yahoo HotJobs report, Lindsey. I hadn’t seen that yet.

    Touching upon the election and its influence on the job market, Experience recently surveyed current college students about their views on the candidates and the issues. Interestingly these Gen Y’ers put more emphasis on social issues than their concerns about obtaining a full-time job, as the majority of students said the likeliness of obtaining a full-time job upon graduation will NOT depend on their presidential candidate of choice entering office.

    Check out the full report here:


    Thanks again, Lindsey!

  4. Shawn says:

    Further consolidation in the investment banking sector. JPMorgan-Bear Stearns is the first shoe to drop, but it probably won’t be the last. This will lead to continued (and sometimes drastic) headcount reductions.

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  6. Randals says:

    5. The global economy (weak dollar could actually help U.S. business compete globally)

    this is actually true in my case; we have seen business go up 50% since 2008 and it is directly influenced by the weakened dollar.

    foreign organizations chose our solution over top competitors within our market sector based on comparable features and services but since we are a US company that does business in the dollar we are winning 55% of all bids.

    go figure in this crazy day in age 🙂

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