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Book Review: “How’d You Score That Gig?”

levit.jpgIf you’re graduating this May and not yet sure where you’ll be working, or you’re just looking for a cooler job than the one you have now, check out How’d You Score That Gig? A Guide to the Coolest Jobs and How to Get Them by my 30/20 Vision podcast co-host Alexandra Levit.

The book begins with a helpful self-assessment that feels different from the usual tests that don’t tell you much (“Do you prefer chatting with 100 colleagues at the water cooler or working alone in a dungeon?”). This self-assessment will help you categorize yourself as an Adventurer, Creator, Data Head, Entrepreneur, Investigator, Networker, Nurturer or some combination of these. From there, you’ll read in-depth descriptions of some “cool gigs” in each category.

The range of “cool jobs” is wide, including some you’ve heard of (actor, financial adviser, event planner, physical therapist) and some that may be new to you (doula, computational linguist, forensic scientist). I found all of the jobs really interesting, and I enjoyed reading the stories of young people who’ve entered each field. Alexandra is a very good writer and fills the book with the real voices and stories of people who’ve scored great gigs. If you find some jobs you’d like to try, Alexandra shares her own expert job hunting tips as well as specific advice of gurus in each profession.

I recommend How’d You Score That Gig for recent college grads, young professionals and career changers looking for something new and different.

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