5 Ways to Have More Fun at Work

It’s no secret that “all work and no play” is a bad idea. But what if you could actually play more at work? Wouldn’t that be the best of both worlds? According to guru Dale Carnegie, fun is not just pleasurable, it’s actually essential for career success: “People rarely succeed,” he once said, “unless they […]

One Simple Tip to Immediately Improve Your Professional Communication

Be more concise. Yep, that’s it. For many years I’ve taught professional writing seminars in addition to my career speeches and workshops. In these programs, “Be more concise” is the advice I find myself dispensing more than any other. Even in our world of 140-charater tweets, 160-character texts and txt msg spk, most people make […]

What’s Wrong with a “Real” Job? A Q&A with Scott Gerber

With economic upheaval taking place around the world, the next generation of workers is up against a tidal wave of change. This week I had the privilege of conducting a Q&A session with Scott Gerber, who has some outspoken opinions on the future of careers for Millennials. Read Scott’s thoughts and then tell me what […]

Turning Your Idea into a Business: Guest Post from Yifan Zhang

I’m so honored to be invited as a guest author for Lindsey’s blog!  I’m the founder and CEO of a student-run fashion nonprofit called Styleta, which collects and sells designer clothing donations online – a virtual Goodwill meets Gilt Groupe. For all of you women who are thinking about blazing your own path as an […]

Declare the Month of NO-vember

A few years ago I worked with an excellent life coach who helped me deal with, among other issues, stress. She asked me to bring my calendar to one of our sessions and together we looked at the number of meetings, phone calls, networking events, personal events, deadlines and errands I tried to fit into […]

On Green Careers: An Interview with Shari Aaron, co-author of Climb the Green Ladder

As green careers continue to grow in popularity, I’m pleased to share an interview I conducted with Shari Aaron, co-author of Climb the Green Ladder: Make Your Company and Career More Sustainable. Lindsey:  For those who don’t know, what is social entrepreneurship and the “triple bottom line”? Shari: Sustainability, corporate social responsibility, green, and triple […]

3 Ways to Make the Most of a Jobless Summer

Another summer weekend, another article about the tough job market for recent college grads. This week’s installment appeared in The New York Times Style section in the form of “Say Hello to Underachieving” by Alex Williams. I’m very glad this topic is still on the radar screens of major media reporters. I just wish the […]