3 Practical Tips for Overcoming Productivity FOMO during the Coronavirus Downturn

Finding Practical Tips for Overcoming Productivity FOMO during the Coronavirus Downturn

When it comes to working from home, I’ve noticed that the number one enemy of productivity is social media. I hear this from college interns. I hear it from direct managers. I’m not immune either – you should see me scroll through Twitter during the Oscars season. Americans spend an average of 2.35 hours every […]

Coronavirus Confrontation: How to Deal with Conflict when Working Remotely

Stress and uncertainty can bring out the ugly sides of some people. Faced with fight or flight, some of our colleagues, unfortunately, choose to fight, lashing out at others to impose a sense of control.  This behavior might not look like a full-blown shouting match, but you might have noticed an increase in mean, insensitive […]

Avoid Zoom Doom: 10 Ways Managers Can Facilitate Inclusive, Virtual Conversations

Managers like you are used to hosting team meetings. You’ve probably led hundreds of weekly staff meetings. You might have given presentations to your company’s board of directors. Over the years, you’ve perfected your power poses and PowerPoint navigation. But, due to the pandemic, new work-from-home rules have shifted in-person meetings online. Zoom is the […]

How Do I Manage Remote Workers? Ben & Jerry’s, Slack, and Big Brother

In last week’s article, I wrote about how automation will come into its own in 2020. We will learn more about the ways automation could make us better managers and how it might affect jobs held by humans like you and me. This week’s topic is an offshoot of the automation/tech theme, and it’s on […]

What Does Flexibility Mean in the Workplace? The Answer Might Surprise You

“Young People Are Going To Save Us All From Office Life,” cheered the headline of a recent New York Times article that caught my eye. As the article explored, flexibility is often cited as the highest priority for newer professionals as they evaluate jobs. But I would argue that, in our current five-generation environment,  workplace […]

Top 4 States and Cities Offering Financial Incentives to Relocate Remote Workers

Are you a remote worker who conducts business from home or a co-working space? This post is for you. Over the past fifty years, the U.S. has seen a massive demographic shift from rural areas to cities. This means many states have populations that are dwindling and rapidly aging. Some geographic regions are not able […]

What Do Multigenerational Employees Want in a Work Environment?

Location, location, location? It turns out the old real estate saying about the three most valuable qualities of a property may not be true for modern workplaces. For employers wanting to attract today’s multigenerational employees, the mantra might now be design, flexibility and light. This discovery comes from the results of Capital One’s 2018 Work […]