Managing the Multigenerational Mix: How to Lead Your Diverse Team to Success

As I’ve mentioned before, in 2018 I am eager to make “progress” on my goal of creating more products and services for my community, and that’s why I’m so excited about this webinar. And the topic couldn’t be more timely. We are truly in uncharted waters, as today’s business leaders are faced with integrating five […]

What Is a Millennial? (Updated for 2018!)

What Is a Millennial? Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Note: This post What is a Millennial? Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask from October 20, 2015, has been updated on March 4, 2018, to include the latest statistics and research about millennials and all generations in the multigenerational workplace. When I talk to people about my work with the […]

How to Manage Millennial Employees

Last year I started answering common questions I hear from my consulting and speaking clients about Millennials in the workplace. Here I’ve collected the best of this advice into a handy “Guide to Managing Millennial Employees” that I hope is helpful for all generations. Question 1: Why are millennial employees such slackers? They don’t seem […]

The Future of Freelancing: Five Things Managers Can Do  

There’s a seismic shift underway in the workplace, and if this “future of work” trend hasn’t affected you yet, it will. It’s the current fluctuation from full-time employment to freelancing. In fact, the “Freelancing in America: 2017” research from Upwork and Freelancers Union found that more than 57 million Americans are freelancing today, representing 36 […]

What Do Millennials Really Want in a Work Environment?

Modular furniture? Bike rooms? Relaxation spaces? I’m often asked what millennials most want in a work environment, because there is so much conflicting information. New trends seem to arise every day: Open plan offices were all the rage among employers, until people realized they can be noisy and distracting. Working from home was going to […]

I Couldn’t Resist: 5 Totally Ridiculous Things Millennials Are Blamed For

We have literally been shaming younger generations for centuries, and while I firmly believe it’s time to stop shaming the millennial generation in particular, it also helps to keep a sense of humor about these things. Someone made a collage of headlines saying what millennials are killing So today let’s look on the lighter side […]

ICYMI: My Post on Helicopter Parents Struck a Chord

Wow. People feel strongly about helicopter parents in the workplace. It seems my July 26 post on helicopter parents in the workplace definitely resonated.   I enjoyed reading each and every comment and thought I would share a few of them in case you missed the lively discussion… Twitter Buzz on Helicopter Parenting I appreciated […]

The Best Career Advice Quotations

One of my favorite questions to ask successful professionals is, “What is one thing you know now that you wish you had known earlier in your career?” (For me, it’s learning to reach out for help when difficult situations arise, rather than thinking I have to solve everything myself.) Surround Yourself With an Awesome Team […]


If there’s one multi-generational work topic that never goes out of style, it is surely the question of appropriate work dress codes. And, summer…I’m looking at you. In fact, The New York Times ran an article Aug. 2, 2017, titled, “Blame the Millennials? For Men, Shorts at Work Is a Thing.” Two things struck me. […]