When the Familiar Becomes Unfamiliar

When the Familiar Becomes Unfamiliar

We’re currently in what I’ve been referring to as the “messy middle” of the pandemic return-to-office experience. Many people planned to return in September, but COVID cases trended back up and our plans were upended again. We expected things to have changed for the better by now; instead, we’re left with no clear end in […]

15 Expert LinkedIn Strategies to Impress Recruiters and Land a Job Now

I recently hosted two former colleagues, Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling of the LinkedIn Guys, on The Work Remix Podcast. The three of us worked together during my LinkedIn consulting days, and in this episode, we discuss how you can use LinkedIn to land a job, even in today’s challenging climate. Is your LinkedIn profile […]

Can College Graduates Still Find Jobs during the Coronavirus Shutdown?

As a college senior, your summer job outlook has likely turned on its head because of coronavirus. In January, you were looking forward to finishing your last round of finals and celebrating with friends and family. Now, social distancing has canceled graduation ceremonies and shut down most businesses across the country. I want you to […]

How 5 “Old School” Industries Are Recruiting Millennials

It’s hard enough to attract and retain millennials to sexy tech companies, high-paying banking firms and other “hot” sectors. But what if you’re in a decidedly old school field or one that’s not top-of-mind for many job seekers? Here are some of the lessons these industries have learned that you can apply to your own […]

Don’t Make This Mistake Assessing Job Candidates

Strong GPA. Check.       Impressive internship. Check. The right technical certifications. Check. Seems like you’ve found the perfect candidate. But before you make an offer, there’s one more area to assess that can make or break job performance — soft skills. According to a LinkedIn survey, more than 60 percent of hiring managers […]

The Most Important Interview Prep You’re Probably Not Doing — But Should Be

What kinds of interviews yield the best candidates? According to research from Glassdoor Economic Research, more difficult interviews lead to more satisfied employees. And that can be daunting if you’re the candidate — whether you’re a recent college grad, trying to score an internship, or looking for a big career leap. Chances are you’ve probably […]

The New Normal of Recruiting: Online Company Reviews

The New Normal of Recruiting: Online Company Reviews

When was the last time you booked a vacation, made a restaurant reservation or bought a new appliance (or even a pair of shoes) without checking online reviews? I’d bet it was quite a while ago, since most of us these days are inclined to check into absolutely everything before we make a move. This […]