When “Face Time” is FaceTime: How to Manage Virtual Workers

When “Face Time” is FaceTime: How to Manage Virtual Workers

No longer just for hipster start-ups, even prominent companies – think IBM, American Express and 3M — now abound with virtual workers. In fact, nearly one-quarter of American workers currently telecommute at least part of the time, according to Global Workplace Analytics. That means that whether you’re a new or seasoned manager, you probably manage […]

Why Transparency Matters: Your Three-Step Guide to a More Transparent Workplace

Why Transparency Matters: Your Three-Step Guide to a More Transparent Workplace

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” If you thought this quote came from a millennial start-up founder, you’d be wrong. None other than the Dalai Lama shared this belief on how transparency can yield success. But transparency can be a scary concept for managers. After all, Gen Xers […]

Hit the Road! Why Vacations Matter

Hit the Road! Why Vacations Matter

As the dog days of summer approach, many employees flee the heat and humidity of August for a shady mountain or breezy beach. I’m counting the days to my upcoming vacation in Maine. Is it possible, though, that summer vacationers like me are actually in the minority? In stark contrast to media reports touting the […]

The Millennial Retention Idea You Need to Borrow Right Now

Ask any manager what their No. 1 talent issue is, and I can almost guarantee they will offer some variable of “attract and retain millennials.” That’s why I was so happy to meet Whitney Proffitt, manager of campus recruiting at investment consulting company Cambridge Associates, and hear about a millennial council the firm has developed. […]

More than Fetching Coffee: How to Build Great Internships

With summer intern season about to begin, I wanted to share helpful advice I’ve been reading about making internships truly beneficial for both interns and organizations. What you do to help interns succeed will impact them far beyond this summer. And their contributions can make a real difference to your operations. Start Off On the […]

Why Day One Matters

As companies look to the spring hiring season, many leaders are focused on how to attract the best and brightest millennials. If you’re planning to bring on new hires, it’s important to think past the moment the offer is accepted and seriously consider what the first few days and weeks on the job will look […]

Confessions of a Gen X Manager

Lately at speaking events I’ve been hearing some complaints from Millennials about their Gen X bosses. Because Gen Xers are only a few years older than Millennials, the younger group is often surprised that members of the older cohort — my contemporaries — aren’t always as supportive and attentive as millennials might want or expect. […]

Beyond Perks: These Companies Are Getting Creative to Keep Millennials on Board

For a long time, the conversation about attracting and retaining millennial employees focused on perks. Over the past few years, companies have realized that creating a millennial-friendly environment doesn’t just mean video games and free granola bars. Employers are making significant strides in offering benefits that are important to millennials, from open offices to flexible […]

Here’s Why You Can Cross Performance Reviews off Your Year-End List…Forever

Dread year-end performance reviews? You’re in good company. It turns out, they’re not particularly effective anyway, especially according to millennials. A study from human resources provider TriNet found the traditional performance-review process can negatively impact many millennials’ attitudes about their jobs and employers. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the workers surveyed have looked for […]