Ikigai: The Importance of Purpose in the Intergenerational Workplace

There is a lot of buzz right now about millennials’ desire for “purpose” in their work. The truth, however, is that a desire for meaning is remarkably intergenerational. Strikingly, the 2016 Global Purpose Index found that 48 percent of Baby Boomers and 38 percent of Gen Xers were purpose-driven, compared to 30 percent of millennials. […]

Ignore the Overhype — Leadership Qualities That Really Are Everything

We all know the “it” words for leadership qualities today, those buzzwords that pop up over and over to describe the qualities leader aspire to. Frankly, I’m totally over words like “ninja” and “guru.” But there are several words that are common in today’s management vernacular that really do describe great leaders. If you’re a […]

Squad Goals: How to Improve Your Team Chemistry

We’ve all been on those teams that just worked: Everyone pulled their weight, stellar work got done, and you had fun doing it. And, of course, we’ve been on teams that were the exact opposite. There’s a reason we call it “team chemistry.” Certain elements react, and the combination can be wonderful … or explosive. […]

Check Out What 3 Out of 4 Millennials Are Planning to Do with Their Careers

While much has been made of millennials’ tendency to job hop, there’s another career trajectory they’re embracing: The Break. In fact, one survey found that an astonishing three-quarters of American millennials see themselves taking a career break at some point to take care of kids, older relatives — or just to refresh and recharge. That […]

High Tech Recruiting Is Not Just for Silicon Valley Startups

When you think about using tech tools in recruiting, what comes to mind? Easing the flood of resumes through an applicant tracking system or scouring LinkedIn for intel on potential recruits? With competition soaring for the best employees, it’s time to think more creatively. Companies are pulling out all the stops to attract top-tier candidates, […]

Best of 2016: Millennials at Work Edition

Let the deluge of “year-end lists” begin. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the events they mention seem so long ago that I have to double-check they happened within this calendar year. Was it really just four months ago that we were all captivated by Simone Biles, Michael Phelps and the rest of our […]

Millennials on TV: ‘The Great Indoors’ Is Full of Clichés…and a Few Truths

Are you watching the new CBS show “The Great Indoors?” Get your Millennial Cliché Bingo card ready because the sitcom is chock full of them! Everyone gets a trophy: Check. Pingpong tables and beanbag chairs as office furniture: Check. A helicopter mom complaining about her son’s performance review: Check. Older people who can’t effectively use […]