A Pause For Giving Thanks: Why Gratitude Is Totally Work Appropriate

Gratitude at work

It’s nothing new to give thanks for our loved ones on Thanksgiving. But as we think of our family and friends, it’s also a good time to reflect on the people who have helped us in our careers. The mentor who supported you from the start. The boss who, in retrospect, taught you more than […]

How to Be ‘The Most Interesting Man (or Woman) in the World’

How to Be “The Most Interesting Man (or Woman) in the World”

One of the golden rules of networking is to “be interested” — to ask open-ended questions and listen well. But what about the flip side: How can you be interesting, too? It’s a trait that can make any conversation flow more easily, whether you’re meeting new people or interacting with colleagues or clients at work. […]

Can Bosses and Employees Be Friends? How to Navigate the Work Friend Zone

Are you one of the lucky people who loves your boss? Maybe she’s everything you aspire to be one day. Hanging with the team for happy hour. Turning the hallway into a putting green. Giving you solid client insight from her years in the trenches. Or maybe you’re a boss overseeing the employee of your dreams. […]

Let’s Talk Politics! (Office Politics, That Is)

The phrase “office politics” makes some people queasy. Maybe that’s because we tend to associate “politics” with people who are looking out for No. 1. Those who will say anything to get ahead. The backstabbers. The gossipers. Very House of Cards. But office politics is a different game – and one that savvy professionals know […]

What’s Your Word of the Year? Here are Five Words to Get You Started.

Many professionals I know choose a “word of the year” that becomes their mantra and focus for 12 months. My personal word for 2016? “Simplify.” To incorporate this concept into my life, I’ve been reading books like Greg McKeown’s Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less and — of course — Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic […]

Are Professional Associations and Networking Events Doomed? This Millennial Says No

Do professional associations and networking events sound as old school as a VCR? Believe it or not, some are thriving – and there’s a reason. It’s not that millennials aren’t joiners – one survey found that 58 percent of professionals under 40 are part of a professional organization or community, and 77 percent of those […]

It’s Not About You: What You Really Need to Know About Your Personal Brand

In 1997, business guru Tom Peters wrote an article for Fast Company, “The Brand Called You.” The timing for this revolutionary concept was especially powerful for me, as a recent college graduate just beginning  my career. Now, I know the phrase “personal brand” can turn some people off (much like the word “networking.”) If it […]

How to Love Networking (Even If You Hate the Word)

The word “networking” sometimes gets a bad rap – all those connotations of speed dating-style awkwardness, business card collecting and name tags at stuffy functions. Instead, let’s call networking what it should be: relationship building.  And nothing – nothing! – in your career will be more important than this. Years ago, relationship management revolved around […]

Steal-Worthy Networking Ideas

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Most of us have heard this career advice, but it is true that who you know can help propel your career. Whether it’s someone you meet at an industry event, an informational interview or a new friend at the juice bar, being a savvy networker can […]

Can Instagram Help Your Career?

As a millennial, it’s not enough to use social media to share your vacation photos or keep tabs on your favorite celebrities. Social media can be a powerful networking tool to help you build your career. And, especially if you’re a millennial, current and prospective employers will expect you to be social media-savvy. LinkedIn isn’t […]