6 Things I’ve Learned from a Year Without Facebook and Instagram

As I continue my year of refinement, I want to take some time to reflect on my biggest refinement to date: deleting my Facebook and Instagram accounts.  It’s been a full year since I quit Facebook and Instagram — and I mean really quit. I didn’t just deactivate or suspend my accounts, or just delete […]

Napping in the City That Never Sleeps

Napping in the City that Never Sleeps

On Friday, December 23, as I was checking off my final to-do list items for 2022 (you know I love a good checklist), I felt a headache coming on.  Three hours later, I was lying in bed with a positive COVID test next to me. For seven full days, I didn’t leave my apartment. I […]

The Little Things Are the Big Things

I recently received a gift from a colleague, Bill Carrier, in Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches, a network of coaches and thought leaders I’m proud to be part of. It was a customized Yeti cup with my name on it. And here’s the best part: my name was spelled correctly.  That doesn’t seem very newsworthy, but […]

What Too-Tight Pants Taught Me About Changing My Goals

I noticed in my October newsletter that many of you clicked on the link to my new suit. What I didn’t say is that I was shopping for a new suit because, due to the pandemic, aging and that peanut M&M habit I’ve written about before, I have officially gone up a pants size.  I […]

The Art of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone (a.k.a. I Tried Pilates)

I recently learned that I don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it. I took a Pilates class for the first time while on vacation in beautiful Provincetown, MA, and the instructor — a charming Irishman — gave me extra support because he knew I was a beginner.  While helping me with one […]

Mental Health Awareness Month: My Story of Living with Anxiety

Mental Health GAD

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since the start of Covid, I’ve become increasingly vocal about my own lifelong struggle with anxiety and how it has impacted my work life. If my speaking up can normalize anxiety and remove the stigma for just one person, it’s worth talking about. My official diagnosis is Generalized Anxiety […]

Why You Should Learn to Say No More Often in 2022

The Year of "No" - Image credit Martha Rich

As part of my professional and personal growth, every January I select a new word to be my mantra in the coming year. But this year, I’m a little scared to tell you my word because it feels really negative, especially after almost two years full of negativity.  My 2022 word of the year is […]