6 Things I’ve Learned from a Year Without Facebook and Instagram

As I continue my year of refinement, I want to take some time to reflect on my biggest refinement to date: deleting my Facebook and Instagram accounts.  It’s been a full year since I quit Facebook and Instagram — and I mean really quit. I didn’t just deactivate or suspend my accounts, or just delete […]

How Quitting Facebook Helped Me Grow My Business

deleting social media

Facebook lost roughly 1 million daily active users in the last few months of 2021. I’m one of them. As part of my declared “year of no,” I decided to cancel my personal and professional Facebook and Instagram accounts. Many people have written about the personal benefits of cutting back on social media, such as […]

What Blistering Pain Taught Me About Positivity in Social Media

What Blistering Pain Taught Me About Positivity in Social Media

Last month, I presented an all-day, in-person multigenerational management session. The training went well, BUT… I wore a pair of adorable almond-toe, skinny-heeled black suede booties. It was the first time I wore heels since — you know what’s coming — March 2020. By the end of the day, my feet were throbbing, my back […]

Social Media at Work: Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons?

Truth: Social media at work is an integral part of many of your employees’ days. According to a Pew research report, employees are using social media at work for a wide variety of reasons, both professional and non-job related — a combined 61 percent said they use social media to “take a mental break from […]

Why LinkedIn is the Hottest Publisher of the Moment

Want to write for the same publication as Bill Gates and Suze Orman? Guess what? You can. The “Publisher” platform on LinkedIn is the largest publication in the world, with the potential to get in front of LinkedIn’s 414 million members. But you don’t have to be Bill Gates to publish on LinkedIn. The platform […]

Can Instagram Help Your Career?

As a millennial, it’s not enough to use social media to share your vacation photos or keep tabs on your favorite celebrities. Social media can be a powerful networking tool to help you build your career. And, especially if you’re a millennial, current and prospective employers will expect you to be social media-savvy. LinkedIn isn’t […]

Marketing to Millennials on Social Media? Start by Being Authentic

If you want to sell to millennials, social media should be a key element of your marketing strategy. But how do you make sure your brand stands out and connects with the millennial customers you’re trying to attract? Millennials want relevant, authentic content that provides useful information while remaining creative. This week, I’ve been reading […]

Now Trending in the Millennial Workplace

In my “Now Trending” series, I curate five recently published articles that capture the future of work or embrace the Millennial mindset. Share your favorite articles of the week in a comment! 5 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Motivate Millennials at Work I love this Forbes piece by fellow She’s the First board member Denise Restauri […]

The Young Professional’s Ultimate Guide to Twitter

Based on the great feedback from my post on how to conquer LinkedIn in 15 minutes a day, I wanted to offer another simple but thorough social media guide. This time we’ll talk about Twitter. Twitter is another social network I use every day and find extremely powerful. With over 200 million active users and […]

How to Conquer Your Job Search on LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a Day

Welcome to the busiest season of the year: schedules are filled with holiday shopping, end-of-year planning, get-togethers, winter weather prep, and so much more. It can be difficult to keep on top of your job search when the rest of life is so busy. My best advice is to create a simple, consistent job search […]