From Freelance to Full-time on LinkedIn

Throughout the past several years, the challenging job market and growing acceptance for working virtually have led to a boom in freelancing and contract positions. Many job seekers eagerly took on these roles and thrived in them. If you’ve been a freelancer, consultant or contractor and are now ready to work full time again, here […]

Master LinkedIn in 5 Blog Posts or Less

Serving as LinkedIn’s Ambassador for the past four years has been an exciting opportunity to connect with people around the world and recognize how much, as LinkedIn would say, “relationships matter.” I’ve talked with job seekers, recruiters, executives and professionals like you about the best strategies to build profiles and network with a growing community […]

Now Trending in the Millennial Workplace


In my new “Now Trending” series, I’ll curate five recently published articles that capture the future of work or embrace the Millennial mindset. Share your favorite articles of the week in a comment! Readers to editorial boards: We don’t care! Major newspaper endorsements of political candidates used to mean everything during election seasons.  Not anymore. […]

Five Key Takeaways from Promote Yourself by Dan Schawbel

My friend and fellow Gen Y enthusiast, Dan Schawbel, published his latest book this week, Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success. Here are my five favorite takeaways from the book.  But trust me, they only scratch the surface of the great advice in this book! 1.) The rules of engagement have changed: 15% […]

Lindsey on The Today Show!

This morning I had the exciting opportunity to appear on The Today Show! I commented on a story about a Huntsville, Alabama, news reporter who was fired over a controversial personal blog post. Click here to watch the story. My comments start around 1:20. Do you think this reporter should have been more careful? Please share […]

LinkedIn Profiles vs. Resumes: What’s the Difference?

A question I am often asked in my duties as LinkedIn’s Ambassador is, “Should my LinkedIn profile read the same as my resume?”  The answer is both yes and no.  Here’s a breakdown: LinkedIn Profiles and Resumes: The Similarities 1.) Sections.  As Martin Yate explains in his post on this subject, you can get a […]

5 Free Resources to Enhance Your Job Search

According to a recent poll, over half of workers in the U.S. want to change careers. Millennials may be chief among this crowd: Numerous reports, like the one mentioned in this Forbes article, have suggested that this generation plans to make many career moves throughout their lifetime. Making a change can be a difficult and […]

How to Job Hunt When You’ve Been Away from the Workforce

You’ve probably heard the saying that it’s easier to get a job when you have a job. Well, what if you don’t currently have a job? What if you haven’t had a job for a long period of time? Don’t despair. It may take some extra effort to land a job after a long period […]

The Top Job Search Trends of 2013

Happy New Year! I love new beginnings, and January 1st is the newest and freshest start of them all. If you’re a job seeker, now is the perfect time to reinvigorate your efforts, try some new strategies or consider a fresh perspective. With those goals in mind, here are three career trends I’m predicting for […]

Quick Tips for Networking Through Social Media

This week I had the pleasure of presenting during “office hours” for The Levo League, a new community for professional women of the Millennial generation. I love the mission of the organization — Levo is the Latin root of the word “elevate,” which captures the organization’s mission for professional women to ascend together and achieve […]