Don’t Change What Works

Lindsey Pollak workplace expert speaker

In my book, The Remix, I offer seven “rules for remixers.” Rule #6 feels particularly relevant right now: Don’t change what works.

The Monthly Remix: Dealing with Job Insecurity During Coronavirus, Tips for Managing Remote Workers, Millennial “Common Sense” and Creating a Culture of Apprenticeship

Welcome to the Monthly Work Remix, where I answer career and workplace questions submitted by professionals like you. Every month, I’ll adapt episodes of my brand new podcast, The Work Remix, into a reader-friendly advice column. Click the links below to stream the individual episodes and hear my answers in greater detail. Note that some […]

Your Monthly Remix: Job Advice, Millennials and Asking for Feedback

Welcome to my first Advice Column, where I answer workplace questions submitted by professionals just like you. Every week, I will adapt three episodes of my brand new podcast, The Work Remix.  Click the links below to stream the individual episodes and hear my answers in greater detail. Episode 1 – “Why Employers Should Care […]

The Work Remix Podcast has Launched!

To all managers, employees, entrepreneurs and HR enthusiasts, I’ve just launched a podcast specifically for you. It’s called The Work Remix! In each episode of The Work Remix, I answer questions from professionals just like you. (Got one? Ask it here).  The goal of each episode is to give you specific and actionable tools to: […]

Real Holiday Cheer: 3 Tips to Remix Your Office Holiday Party

Holiday Cheer at the Office

Let’s be honest. Holiday parties are kind of passé. You know the stereotypes. Ugly sweaters, overly competitive white elephant exchanges, and enough alcohol to give your HR rep a heart attack. Each December you ask yourself, “Are we really going to do this again?” But what if you took a different approach? Imagine, for instance, […]

Remixer of the Month: Reed Smith LLP

As is the case with other traditional industries, many law firms have struggled with the rise of millennials in the workplace. Many of my law firm clients have shared that their long-time practices – such as billable hours, up-or-out career paths and high expectations for 24/7/365 client service – don’t always match the preferences of […]

How to Lead Across Generations: Putting the Remix Into Practice

lead across generations

In today’s five-generation workforce, it is more important than ever for leaders to become skilled at overseeing employees from a wide variety of backgrounds, identities and workplace expectations. Diversity and inclusion are critical to personal and organizational success. Research shows us again and again that the more diverse the team, the better the outcomes But […]

Remixer of the Month: Marci Alboher and

The “Remixer of the Month” is a representative of the concept of The Remix, the topic of my next book, to be published by HarperCollins in Spring 2019. As I define it, to “remix” is to take a best practice of one generation and “mix” it in some way with the best practice of another […]