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FOX Business: “Climbing Through the Gray Area”

Thank you to FOX business columnist and life coach Nancy Colasurdo, who included me in her “Game Plan” column on Friday, “Climbing through the gray area.” She talks about following your career passion, even when people discourage you:

I didn’t even know who Brad Bird was before last Sunday’s Academy Awards, but his Oscar moment is one I will long remember.

“I want to thank the Academy and I also want to thank my junior high guidance counselor for a meeting we had where he asked me, ‘What do you want to do with your life?’” the writer/director of Ratatouille said as he accepted the award for best animated feature film. “I said, ‘I want to make movies’ and he said, ‘What else do you want to do with your life?’ I said, ‘Make movies’ and he said, ‘What if you couldn’t make movies?’ I said, ‘I’d have to find a way that I could.’ ‘What if movies didn’t exist?’ ‘I’d have to invent them’ and we went on like this until we were sick of each other. I only realized just recently that he gave me the perfect training for the movie business.”

Oh, the people who direct us early in life! Bless them and curse them for their praise and their criticism. Many of us in life coaching have them to thank for our jobs today because so many of our clients want to recapture the joy they felt while painting, acting, writing, playing an instrument, shooting photos or other creative pursuits. Many of them did not go the Brad Bird route. Instead of being persistent, they listened to their elders, took the road well traveled and majored in something not remotely related to their passion.

“Too many people think the choice is black and white,” said Lindsey Pollak, a college campus speaker and author of Getting From College to Career. “They think they’re either going to be discovered on a corner or have to work at a bank….

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