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Guest student blogger: Alexandra Prim, Sacred Heart University

Today, Sacred Heart University student Alexandra Prim provides her fellow college students with five tips on “How to Be a Good Intern.”

1. Always be on time! It does not reflect well on anyone to be late. If you are always prompt at a job, your boss will be much more willing to look past any other faults. From the day of your interview to the last day on the job, being late can always prove to be detrimental. Your punctuality is a clear sign of a responsible attitude and a dedication to the job.
2. Dress the part of a professional. Your boss will appreciate the fact that you are trying to step fully into the role of an employed adult. Even if you are only interning somewhere for a month, your boss may well become one of your future references and it can only bode well for you if you dress like someone who means business.
3. Don’t be afraid. Your boss wants you to ask questions and to further become a part of the work environment. It is completely okay to be nervous, but there is no reason for it. Your boss and your co-workers or fellow interns have all been at a new job before and will completely appreciate your apprehension. The faster that you learn to ask questions when you don’t understand, talk to your boss in a friendly (and professional) manner, and converse with co-workers the faster that you will feel at home in your internship.
4. Eat well. Always remember to eat a healthy breakfast and to bring a good lunch to your internship. If you don’t eat in the morning, you will not be at your best. If you don’t eat well at lunch, the same applies. You will absolutely feel better if you have a healthy breakfast and lunch during your working day. A balanced diet is crucial to your overall health and you will focus better if you aren’t feeling bad from eating unhealthy food or, equally as bad, hungry.
5. Finally, have a positive outlook. As an intern, you may be utilized for tasks such as photocopying, spreadsheet compiling, or even coffee fetching. It doesn’t matter what you do; it’s all chocked up to experience. Every job that you perform at your internship will give you insight into the real world. As boring as making copies may seem, the over-all experience of your internship will help you to move forward in the career world.

Alexandra Prim can be reached here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great List, Alexandra! Your tips are helpful, and I hope students who read this pay close attention to them!


    Elizabeth Lowery
    Assistant Director of Career Placement
    Office of Career Development
    Sacred Heart University

  2. Fon says:

    Thanks for the information on topics.I was excited by this article.
    Thank you again.

    College online for good ideas.

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