How Gen Y Navigates Time — and Life

This week I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for the blog of Laura Vanderkam, one of my favorite authors (check out her new book here). Her blog is all about the use of time, so I wrote a post about Millennials and time management…

How Gen Y Navigates Time — and Life

I’ve been working with members of the Millennial Generation (those born approximately 1980 to 1995) for about 10 years now, and one of my biggest observations is that they always seem to be busy.

High school and college students are shuttling between classes, sports, clubs, jobs and social engagements. Young professionals are working full-time and starting businesses on the side. And, of course, they’re accomplishing all of this while texting, IM-ing and playing video games all at the same time.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But not by much. Millennials (also know as Generation Y) are living in a world with more communication tools, more career options, more entertainment choices and more stress than ever before.

Is all this busyness all that bad? I don’t believe it is. I’ve noticed some plusses and minuses to Millennials’ constant busyness that can help people of all generations trying to navigate our increasingly busy world.

Read the rest of this post on Laura Vanderkam’s blog

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5 Responses

  1. Enjoyed the post! I agree milennials do have alot of stress because of all the communication tools and social activites like sports, clubs, work,and school.

  2. Very busy! I read recently that when Millennials watch TV, they are generally also occupied with two other social media/electronic tasks.

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