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Lindsey on Lime Radio with Karen Salmansohn: Take more risks!

Thanks to the fabulous Karen Salmansohn for having me as a guest this morning on her Lime/SIRIUS Radio show, Be Happy, Dammit. (Check out the re-broadcast at 8pm EST tonight on SIRIUS Channel 114). I’ll post a link later this week when the show goes online.)

Karen is a best-selling author, radio host, career coach and speaker. Check out her books, especially How to be Happy, Dammit.


This morning we focused on risk-taking—what it means, why it’s important, how to do it. As Karen pointed out, when you ask elderly people what they regret most about their lives, the #1 answer is “not taking enough risks.” Don’t let this happen to you!


Here are three quick ways to take a risk today:


1. Open your mind. Read a magazine on a topic you know nothing about. Watch a TV channel you’ve never seen. Talk to the one person at the holiday party tonight who seems the most different from you. The results may surprise you.


2. Send a cold email. Write a fan letter to someone you admire. Invite a new colleague out for coffee. Submit a question to this blog. When you make the first move, amazing things can come back at you.
3. Order something for lunch or dinner that you’ve never tried before. Who knows? You just might love it. (I’m definitely going to try this one myself…)
The thing about taking risks is that it gets easier with practice–and the rewards get bigger and bigger. The more risks you take, the sooner you’ll be making cold calls to land a new client, raising your hand for bold assignments or asking out that cutie you have a crush on. Go for it – what do you really have to lose?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lindsey – good to find you! Saw you on your Mom’s LinkedIn connections, email me when you have a chance! ~Leigh

  2. Shawn says:

    Great suggestions. I seek out opportunities at work that allow (and sometimes force) me to get out of my comfort zone. Instead of shying away from a perceived weakness, I jump at the chance to build my skill set.

  3. Lindsey Pollak says:

    @ Shawn – thanks for the comment. Sometimes we do have to force ourselves to take risks–glad you are jumping at those opportunities!