Marketing to Millennials on Social Media? Start by Being Authentic

Marketing to Millennials on Social Media? Start by Being AuthenticIf you want to sell to millennials, social media should be a key element of your marketing strategy. But how do you make sure your brand stands out and connects with the millennial customers you’re trying to attract? Millennials want relevant, authentic content that provides useful information while remaining creative.

This week, I’ve been reading about marketing to millennials on social media and discovered some great articles on how to use different social media platforms to appeal to the millennial market. I think you’ll find these articles and blog posts useful.

3 Essential Tips for Marketing to Millennials. Entrepreneur: “Marketing to millennials doesn’t have to be hard. By rocking your mobile marketing, targeting social groups instead of life stages and being relevant and engaging, you’ll definitely make a splash with this demographic. Beyond these three tips, you’ll want to segment the population and drill down to the exact ideal buyer you’re targeting. Millennials are incredibly diverse, so the more segmentation you can achieve, the more return you’ll see for your marketing dollar.”

Five Ways to Market to Millennials Online. Clickz: “Marketers should also stay abreast of millennial social media trends. For some time now the belief has been that younger Americans are abandoning Facebook in favor of hipper social sites. In fact, Facebook remains a powerful tool for engaging with these consumers. The American Press Institute reported in March that 88 percent of millennials still visit Facebook for news, with 57 percent doing so daily. YouTube draws 83 percent, while 50 percent turn to Instagram. Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr are all part of the content mix, but 60 percent of millennial Facebook users regularly ‘like’ news stories posted to the site, and 42 percent share news content.”

11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Millennials Reading Your Blog. “Never think that the millennial market can be segmented by age alone. After all, even the age bracket for millennials is debatable. For example if you publish a blog with 20-25 year old females as your target market – you are being too vague. No 25 year old is the same. Finding the ideal market for your content requires being very specific. For example, if you are selling lipstick, it should cater to an age group of working single women who love casual fashion and find Jennifer Lawrence adorable. Proper audience segmentation allows you to deliver your message where it matters most.”

Snapchat Video Ad Format To Target Millennials. DrivingSales News: “Snapchat’s Discover was launched at the beginning of this year, and it provides media partners with their own channel where they can feature content that is produced specifically for Snapchat’s primarily young audience. Many marketers are highly interested in reaching Millennials, and publishing partners include National Geographic, Vice, Yahoo News, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, CNN, The Food Network and ESPN. At 2 cents per view, the pricing of Snapchat’s new video ad format is significantly lower than had been reported in the past. “

Keep It Real and Other Proven Ways to Market to Millennials. “The interactivity of social media also means your message has a better chance of making a real impact on millennial consumers. Engage with them on social media and determine who your biggest brand advocates are. Email them, acknowledge them publicly, and use other tactics to keep these key millennials engaged with your brand. Online display ads have notoriously terrible conversion rates. So place less influence on them. Instead, get your consumer to take part in a discussion involving your brand with the content, and through the channels they like.”

How are you marketing to millennials on social media? I’d love to know — please share in the comments!

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