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Now Trending in the Millennial Workplace

Millennial workplace word cloudIn my “Now Trending” series, I curate five recently published articles that capture the future of work or embrace the Millennial mindset. Share your favorite articles of the week in a comment!

My 10 Best Pieces of Career Advice for Millennials

Friend and fellow Gen Y enthusiast, Dan Schawbel, wrote these top 10 tips for Forbes, and they are excellent. My favorite is #5 – “Spend more time with people than with your laptop.” You can do a lot with today’s software and communicate with thousands via social media, but making a face-to-face connection with someone, especially with older generations, can more often be the make-or-break factor in hiring you. For more great advice from Dan, read my review of his new book, Promote Yourself.

Will Millennial Men Change the Workplace?

According to a law professor’s study cited in this article, Millennial men are just as likely as women to want work schedules that shift around family needs. One example highlighted is that of a group of surgical residents in Boston who all had a 120-hour-per-week limitation for week. The Millennial men in the group joined forces with the women to push for an 80-hour-per-week limit. A recently released Gen Y study conducted by PwC found the same thing: Millennials of both genders want much more work/life balance than generations prior.

The Five Traits of Wildly Successful People

This LinkedIn Today post by Alex Banayan really caught my eye, and not just because his tips have funny headers like “Chase the School Bus” or “Create Corkboards.” His advice is spot on because it will have you thinking about how you can add value as opposed to just getting your job done. Akin to Dan’s advice above, one of Alex’s five traits is “Play the People Game” – getting to know people in your field will benefit you exponentially in the long run.

PolicyMic Raises $3M, Betting That Millennials Want Substantive News and Commentary

PolicyMic is a website for news and politics that wants to capture the attention of the no-longer-newspaper-reading Millennial generation (see my previous Now Trending post for another look at Millennials and newspapers). The site posts 50 to 100 pieces of content every day, focusing on sharing opinions and analysis. They just raised a significant amount of funding and “want millions of millennials to use our platform to find the next generation of creative thinkers and work together to solve our most pressing challenges,” said the two co-founders. Sounds like an awesome goal to me.

Expedia and Egencia Study: Millennials Spend More Freely, Complain More Loudly and Crave Mobile Devices for Business and Leisure Travel

Not much about this title’s three themes surprises me. The older sets of Millennials are just now entering the next phase of adulthood – getting married, having kids and buying homes. Without these responsibilities, Millennials certainly may have the opportunity to spend freely. Some Millennials I know “complain loudly,” but most do so on Twitter, where they can make noise, find people who agree and get answers quickest. And if you’re traveling for business or for pleasure – who doesn’t want the most comfortable experience you can find?

What other content caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments!

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