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In my “Now Trending” series, I curate five recently published articles that capture the future of work or embrace the Millennial mindset. Share your favorite articles of the week in a comment!

Millennial workplace word cloud10 Workplace Trends that Affect the Way We Work

This Miami Herald piece focuses on many trends I think are closely tied to the Millennial influence on the workplace: increased desire for flexibility, social media’s growing omnipresence and the need for collaboration (see my “Millennials at Work” series for more). The last trend, a focus on employee retention, is going to be a hot topic in years to come as we continue to see multiple generations want and need different things from work. And check out my quote in the second trend about job stress!

Baby Bust: Millennials’ View of Family, Work, Friendship and Doing Well

I loved this article for the way it captured so many facets of the Millennial attitude on life. One Millennial trend I find interesting is focused on the men of this generation. Their attitudes are shifting away from the career-focused mentality of those who came before. This article notes that, for Millennial men, “doing good” means having a balance of work and family. A previous Now Trending article I compiled also highlights this notion.

A New Goal for Colleges: No One Moves Back Home after Graduation

As the price of higher education continues to rise at a pace beyond inflation and wages, one of the most important questions today is, “What’s the value?” College career centers are often at the center of this debate, as they are tasked with assisting students in their job searches and connecting recruiting employers to campuses. This Atlantic piece discusses the importance of forward-thinking career services offices and how they are responding to the challenge.

Freelancing in America: Rise of the Contingent Workforce

Friend and fellow workplace expert, Dr. Woody, writes about the upwardly-trending notion of hiring freelancers. He addresses the idea from three perspectives: the need to hire “just in time” to keep up with the market, the need to hire temporary experts (even at the C-suite) and the increasingly viable option to manage workers virtually.

Want Work Flexibility? Here’s How You Can Make a Change

In light of technology’s ability to keep us connected mixed with people’s desire for a better balance between work and life, Mashable offers this article with four tips to help employees discuss the idea of working from home. I agree with them that it’s smart to draft a business plan to demonstrate to your boss how this shift would not sacrifice the quality of your work. Even more important is their tip immediately following: be flexible if your employer comes back with a counter offer.

What other content caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments!

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