On Fox Business: Why You Should Have a LinkedIn Profile

Many thanks to my friend Dr. Woody for interviewing me this week for his column on FoxBusiness.com. Here are two tips from the article:

Become an Expert: The best way to gain credibility in a field is to become a go-to resource. LinkedIn offers a number of tools for helping professionals engage with peers to exchange information and ideas.

For example: LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Answers, and LinkedIn Today are all great ways to reach out to colleagues and become part of the trending conversations in your field. When it comes to college students and new professionals, Pollak says these tools are “a great way to learn the lingo of your field and become a virtual insider.”

Attract Recruiters: Recruiters use LinkedIn. The job search isn’t always an active process, and hiring managers and recruiters use the tool to find candidates to fill openings. Pollak encourages users to pay attention to key words in their profiles, so be sure to have them peppered throughout the following sections of your LinkedIn profile: Summary, Specialties, Skills and Recommendations.

Read the rest of the article here.

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4 Responses

  1. I still can’t determine a good reason to ACTIVELY use LinkedIn. Yes, I am registered and have a fairly complete profile. But that’s about it. Same goes for just about every contact I have on there. LinkedIn hasn’t done enough to develop a need for their site.

    If you really think about it, Facebook isn’t that far from LinkedIn in their employer section. You can connect with those whom you’ve worked and list off responsibilities. As a professional recruiter, I’m much more likely to find valuable information on someone’s Facebook as opposed to their LinkedIn profile. Facebook allows me to see not just what they’ve done, but how they currently behave (as one witnesses day to day postings – comments, photos, etc).

    Until LinkedIn finds a way to generate more day to day postings between profiles, I feel like you’re better off just making your own website or using something like About.Me as a landing page.

    Would love to get some other opinions on this. Those are just my thoughts.

    1. @Resume Planet – Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Of course as a spokesperson for LinkedIn I am somewhat biased, but I believe that using LinkedIn on a daily basis is incredibly valuable for several activities:

      – research on potential employers or competitors
      – managing one’s professional network
      – viewing the connections/networks of your connections
      – building a professional online brand by becoming active in group discussions

      It’s also crucial for giving back to the people in one’s network by sharing opportunities, giving encouragement and learning about what’s important to people. Especially for young professionals who need to build their professional reputations and mutually beneficial networking relationships, LinkedIn is invaluable.

      I hope others will weigh in on this conversation. Thanks for starting it!


  2. Linked-In is an excellent tool for professionals. As a Career Coach, I work with my clients to create very effective profiles on this great site. I’m always surprised to find that so many people have Linked In profiles that they just don’t use. Remember, you have to be a part of the conversation. Social networking requires some degree of social activity.

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