On NY1 News: Talking Careers & Cupcakes with Recent College Grads

full-group-with-asaNY1 Employment Reporter Asa Aarons recently featured me and four recent college grads talking about job hunting while baking and decorating cupcakes. We had a great time filming the segment and talked about real issues facing today’s young job seekers.

Asa asked me how job hunting is like baking cupcakes — a question that, believe it or not, no one has ever asked. Here was my response:

“Job hunting is like baking a cupcake in that there are many steps to the process,” says Pollak. “Follow up is involved and once you finish the cupcake and you finish the job hunt, the enjoyment of the work you’ve put in – eating the cupcake or finding a job that you love – is always worth it.”

Many thanks to the job seekers/cupcake bakers you see in the segment, from left to right in the photo above: Kara Johnson, Katie DePaola, Melissa Basolo and Anna Schilawski. Email me for any of their fabulous resumes!

Huge thanks to reporter Asa Aarons and to Laura Allen of 15 Second Pitch for making the introduction.

Click here to view behind-the-scenes photos and a gallery of the cupcakes we baked that day.

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7 Responses

  1. Lindsay – I liked the advice that you gave all of the recent graduates in the cupcake making session (I’m sure it was fun.)

    One of the points you brought up was follow-up. I couldn’t agree more. As a hiring manager, I’ve often decided to give someone an initial interview because they sought me out after applying…it really showed initiative. It is even more important after a first interview.

    I compiled some other good habits to continue “keeping yourself ready” for the next opportunity that may pop up after you’ve landed that first position (or any position after that). Check them out at:


  2. My daughter THE BAKER! I’ll have to send you one of those early photos of you in the kitchen cabinets to post on this blog–Lindsey was interested in all things kitchen, even as a toddler. I’m enormously proud of your recognition. And the apartment looks fabulous!

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  4. Lindsey, I would say it’s important before baking to have a clear picture in mind of the cupcake you want to bake and digest. I would prefer chocolate icing to some pink stuff for example and I don’t want to be surprised to get a cupcake with pink icing. Of course if there are only pink one’s available, then I might have to make do until chocolate one’s are back on the market. Does this make any sense?

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