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Send in your career questions: Next episode of “30/20 Vision” radio show

A new episode of 30/20 Vision will air this Monday, August 25th at 5PM EDT. This month, my co-hosts Christine Hassler (20 Something Manifesto), Alexandra Levit (How’d You Score That Gig?) and I will discuss the issues facing 20-somethings in the business world today, and how young professionals can overcome stereotypes and be more effective and fulfilled at work.

How can this radio program help you?

* Listen live at 5pm EDT Monday, Aug. 25, and call in with a question

* Post a question in the comments section below (please limit your question to 150 words or fewer) and we’ll answer it during the show

* Listen to the recorded episode at any time for tips, advice and inspiration

Please feel free to submit a question at any time and we’ll reply in the next 30/20 Vision episode. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Paige says:

    Ooohhh…I am so excited!

    My question is, how can you show confidence on a job interview, but not be too confident that they take it for something else, like being cocky or too good…?

  2. @Paige – Thanks so much for sending in your question. Alexandra, Christine and I will share our perspectives on the “30/20 Vision” podcast!

    – Lindsey

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  4. Paige says:

    Thanks for answering my question on the show, Lindsey.
    Two major points that I agree with that were mentioned are the idea that we must keep our personal life out of the office. It sure is easy to bring it to work as we build friendlier relationships with our co-workers, but it is so much better and more productive if we do not do this.
    The other is something you said…to treat everyone with respect no matter what generation they are. YES! I read another blog by a woman named Gretchen who created an entry entitled My Commandments, ideas she will live by and practice each day, and I decided to make my own. One of mine was respect everyone. I really believe this and practice it every day.

    Great show! Thanks.

  5. @Paige – Thanks so much for listening! We really appreciated your question and I’m glad you agreed with some of our advice and opinions.

    Hope you’ll catch next month’s show and spread the word!

    – Lindsey (and Alexandra & Christine)