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Some recommended career resources for college students and young professionals

One of the best parts of my business is that I’m constantly hearing about great new career resources. Here are a few that have crossed my desk recently. Check them out…

talentinsights.jpg  Experience Inc.’s Talent Insights Blog

The Talent Insights blog provides something pretty unique in the blogosphere: data-driven commentary. The team from shares advice based on their own research into college students and recent grads. Check out the post on life after graduation — did you know that 70% of college grads leave their first job within two years?

ncsl.jpg  National Conference on Student Leadership

NCSL brings together hundreds of students in different leadership roles to network with each other and learn more about leadership from expert presenters. Check out NCSL’s helpful resource page as well.


This helpful site offers courses and coaching to help you become a better presenter. If you have a webcam, you can use SureSpeak to practice your speaking, interviewing and sales skills. Pretty cool, huh? Click here for a free trial of the product.

What career resources have you come across recently? Please share!

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  1. Jason Alba says:

    In case this starts to become a comprehensive list, let me through in three of my fav’s:

    1. – my website, where you organize and manage a job search, and career relationships during the duration of your career.

    2. – where you put your resume and can put it on your blog as a widget, get it out in various formats, get a profile, etc.

    3. LinkedIn – of course. Every professional needs a profile there.

    Jason Alba
    CEO –
    Author – I’m on LinkedIn — Now What??? (
    Coauthor – I’m on Facebook — Now What??? (

  2. Mark Kaefer says:

    Thanks for mentioning us, Lindsey… and keep up the great work!

  3. @Jason – Thanks for the additional resources. I haven’t heard of Emurse — will definitely check it out!


  4. @Mark – you’re very welcome!

  5. Kate Poppe says:

    Thanks for supporting NCSL, Lindsey! We certainly appreciate the mention and the incredible work you’re doing!

  6. @Kate – my pleasure. Keep up the great work at NCSL!


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  8. CLS says:

    I blog for a new website called It’s specifically designed for recent graduates and I’ve never seen a career searching site like it. They match your skill set and qualifications with the skills that companies need to make the job searching process more efficient.

    Thanks for all of your helpful information!