What are the Different Generations in the Workplace? Your Definitive Guide

image of a crowd of people of all different generations

When we talk about generational differences, it’s easy to fall into overly generalized stereotypes: Baby Boomers are responsible. (Funny, they used to be called the “Me Generation.”) Millennials are slackers. (Wait, wasn’t that Gen X?) Gen Xers are neglected middle children. (Paging Jan Brady.) Gen Zs march to their own drum. (Like…every generation before them?) […]

The End of Voice Mail and the Future of Work

I recently led two corporate training sessions for millennial professionals struggling to engage with their Gen X and baby boomer colleagues. While we discussed several macro issues – such as the millennials’ desire for more feedback and training – we also dealt with some of the small issues that cause friction between the generations. The […]

Generation vs. Generation: How Can We All Get Along at Work?

You probably just think of yourself as you, not part of a massive demographic group. But seeing yourself as a member of a generation is valuable, because it can help explain why your motivations, preferences and work style may seem different from those of your colleagues. Below is a quick primer on each of the […]

Now Trending in the Millennial Workplace


In my “Now Trending” series, I curate recently published articles that capture the future of work or embrace the Millennial mindset. Share your favorite articles of the week in a comment! There Are More 23-Year-Olds Than Any Other Age (and They’re Going to Save the World) U.S. Census data shows there are 4.3 million 23 […]

When Baby Boomers and Millennials Become Colleagues: An Interview with Lauren Stiller Rikleen

Milennials and Baby Boomers

Lauren Stiller Rikleen is a nationally recognized expert on developing a thriving, diverse and multi-generational workforce.  As president of the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership, Lauren conducts workshops, speaks at conferences, retreats, and professional events, and provides training programs focusing on: unconscious bias; strengthening intergenerational relationships in the workplace; and women’s leadership and advancement.  Lauren […]

Are Millennials Really That Different from Other Generations in Today’s Workplace?


One of the questions I hear most often when I give presentations on managing generational differences in the workplace is: Are Millennials really that different from previous generations entering the workplace? In other words, haven’t older employees been bemoaning “kids today” for generations? My answer: Yes. And no. Yes, managers have always worried about their […]

When Millennial Women Make More Money: An Interview with Farnoosh Torabi

Millennial Women

Farnoosh Torabi is a personal finance expert, author, TV personality, and sought-after speaker whose mission is to help people take control of their finances so they can live their richest, happiest lives. She is a contributing editor at MoneyMagazine and frequent contributor to DailyWorth, Yahoo! and The Today Show. Her latest book is “When She […]