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I Lived for My To-Do List, But Here’s Why I Ditched It

June 13, 2017

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Is there anything more satisfying than checking things off of a to-do list? I didn’t used to think so. But I recently decided to kill my to-do list obsession—and here’s why you might want to ditch yours, too. A Love Affair with Lists I’m not sure anyone loves a to-do list more than I do. […]

The Mistakes That are Killing Your First Impression

May 26, 2017

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” It’s one of the most clichéd pieces of advice. That’s because it’s true — especially if you are job hunting. Research shows that recruiters typically only give your resume a six-second glance, and some people say the first seven seconds of meeting someone […]

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Don’t Make This Mistake Assessing Job Candidates

May 19, 2017

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Strong GPA. Check.       Impressive internship. Check. The right technical certifications. Check. Seems like you’ve found the perfect candidate. But before you make an offer, there’s one more area to assess that can make or break job performance — soft skills. According to a LinkedIn survey, more than 60 percent of hiring managers […]

WWEPD? How to Handle 5 Tricky Business Etiquette Situations

May 12, 2017

What would “EP” do? I’m referring to Emily Post, of course! While she’s a bit of a throwback, she remains the doyenne of etiquette, and I’ve been known to channel her (or at least Google her advice) for tricky business etiquette scenarios. Recently I took this business etiquette quiz  that touched on a few common situations. […]

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Squad Goals: How to Improve Your Team Chemistry

April 14, 2017

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We’ve all been on those teams that just worked: Everyone pulled their weight, stellar work got done, and you had fun doing it. And, of course, we’ve been on teams that were the exact opposite. There’s a reason we call it “team chemistry.” Certain elements react, and the combination can be wonderful … or explosive. […]

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback at Work

February 24, 2017

Do you wonder if you’re giving your employees feedback that can help them excel at their jobs — and feel more included? Chances are, we could all improve at giving feedback at work. In fact, one survey found that 64 percent of employees wanted their supervisor to check in with them at least every two […]

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Funny Business: How Workplace Humor Can Contribute to Success

February 10, 2017

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Do you enjoy a good joke during the work day? The problem is that sticky issue of what makes a joke “good” and work-appropriate. Some people love stand-up comedy-type routines – tough to pull off in a work setting (and often cringe-inducing). Others are more into practical jokes and April Fool’s stunts. Again, not funny […]

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High Tech Recruiting Is Not Just for Silicon Valley Startups

February 7, 2017

When you think about using tech tools in recruiting, what comes to mind? Easing the flood of resumes through an applicant tracking system or scouring LinkedIn for intel on potential recruits? With competition soaring for the best employees, it’s time to think more creatively. Companies are pulling out all the stops to attract top-tier candidates, […]

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