The future of the resume?

During my workshops and one-on-one consulting sessions, I spend a lot of time giving people advice about their resumes. Even with the very best resumes, I always find myself wishing that job candidates could express their personalities more on these documents.

I have a hunch that resumes will become obsolete in the next 10 years or so. Instead of cookie-cutter, one-page documents, we will have online profiles that are more robust, including links to work product, recommendations (like the ones you find on LinkedIn) and direct links to the companies listed. I understand the need to compare apples to apples, but hopefully we can find a way to make online resume profiles uniform enough to compare job candidates easily, while allowing for more detailed and personalized information.

I recently learned about a company taking a step in this direction. has launched Experience PortfolioTM, which, according to the company, “allows you to showcase your experiences, work samples, career interests, interpersonal attributes, achievements and references to potential employers.” The new portfolio system also applies matching technology to generate relevant job recommendations and advice from the Experience community of universities, employers, students, alumni and partners.

Experience Portfolio is now available in beta version. It’s free to any college student or recent graduate who registers on Here is a link to check it out:

What do you think about the future of resumes? Looking forward to your comments…

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