The Secret Hack to Market Your Product or Service to Millennials

The Secret Hack to Market Your Product or Service to MillennialsI’ll admit it — I am a sucker for “secret hack” posts. Although typically they build the anticipation up to the big reveal at the end, I’m going to give you the good stuff right away in this post, because it’s so simple and easy.

Here’s the “secret” hack to marketing to millennials: Include a millennial in every meeting about marketing to millennials. If you’re not doing this, you’re missing out on the easiest, most effective way to implement your strategy.

In fact, the first thing I ask a new client or audience struggling to reach millennials is, “What do your millennials say about it?”

“Oh, we haven’t asked them,” they’ll usually respond.

If you were marketing to women, would you have a bunch of men develop the concept? I hope not – or you might end up being mocked like the notorious Bic for Her pen.

Here’s why you should always ask a millennial about marketing to this crucial demographic:

  • You will make better decisions with more input, as proven by reams of research.
  • You risk alienating your target audience if your message is way off target.
  • You risk alienating your employees by not seeking their input. This generation is used to a collaborative process – since they were kids, they’ve been consulted on everything from where the family should vacation to which car Mom should buy. So, this millennial marketing strategy is also a smart millennial management strategy.

Some people get it: Carey Smith, founder of Big Ass Fans, writes in Inc. magazine, “My millennial employees are my greatest recruitment and retention tool.” One op-ed I read even called for including a millennial on every board – and I’m all for it. Many baby boomers are winning at work because they’re asking their own kids about technology and culture.

You see, almost every company has a built-in millennial focus group: employees.

Not sure what to call an event?  Ask the students who work in your office.

Wondering how your brand looks on social media? Ask your assistant.

Curious how you might use a certain piece of tech to be more efficient? Ask your intern.

And that’s your challenge for this week: Include a millennial in your next decision-making process. Let me know below how it goes!

Lindsey Pollak is the leading voice on millennials in the workplace, trusted by global companies, universities, and the world’s top media outlets…and, most importantly, by millennials themselves. A New York Times bestselling author, Lindsey began her career as a dorm RA in college and has been mentoring millennials — and explaining them to other generations — ever since. Her keynote speeches have audiences so engaged that, in the words of one attendee, “I didn’t check my phone once!” Contact Lindsey to discuss a speaking engagement for your organization.

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