The Work Remix Podcast has Launched!

To all managers, employees, entrepreneurs and HR enthusiasts, I’ve just launched a podcast specifically for you. It’s called The Work Remix!

In each episode of The Work Remix, I answer questions from professionals just like you. (Got one? Ask it here)

The goal of each episode is to give you specific and actionable tools to:

  • Work more successfully across generational differences
  • Be a more empathetic and innovative leader and team member
  • Achieve your personal career goals
  • Support a more inclusive and successful workplace for all

Now it’s time to choose your own podcast adventure.

An episode for managers:
In Episode 1, I tackle a common 21st century management question: “What’s the big deal with Millennials, and why should I care about them?” Despite the often negative stereotypes, embracing the Millennial perspective can give your company distinct competitive advantages. What advantages exactly? Find out by following the link.

An episode for employees:
In Episode 2, I offer advice for those of us wondering, “What’s the best way to ask for feedback from a manager who is not giving enough?” Learn how to gain confidence and hit your target metrics without fearing the pink slip at every feedback session. Click here.

An episode for students: 
Episode 3 is for college students who might be feeling overwhelmed by the career “help” offered by friends and family. You appreciate their willingness to make introductions, but you don’t graduate for another six months. How do you focus on your final semesters without letting meaningful job leads grow cold? Take a listen.

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