Quick Tips for Networking Through Social Media

This week I had the pleasure of presenting during “office hours” for The Levo League, a new community for professional women of the Millennial generation.

I love the mission of the organization — Levo is the Latin root of the word “elevate,” which captures the organization’s mission for professional women to ascend together and achieve their career dreams — and I had fun answering questions from Levo Leaguers about social media and personal branding.

Here are some of the tips I shared for networking and building a strong personal brand through social media:

  • Take a “clicks and mix” approach to networking online. “Clicks and mix” is a phrase I borrowed from my friend and social media expert, Diane Danielson. It means to combine the online and offline in your networking efforts. For instance, you can get an introduction via social media, but then make a date to meet for coffee. Never hide behind your computer screen.
  • Get serious about your LinkedIn profile. The very top of your LinkedIn profile is the first thing people notice. Make sure you have a great professional headshot on your profile, and make sure your profile headline is a broad description of who you are, including keywords that a recruiter or client might use to search for you.
  • Use Twitter as a research tool. Think of Twitter as your own personal news feed. Create a stream or list) where all you’re following are companies you want to work for or clients you want to pursue. Have a stream or list that is totally career related. (You can follow Ashton and Lady Gaga elsewhere!)

Click over the the Levo League blog to read more tips!

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