Are You Ready to “Work on Purpose”?

In today’s changing economy and challenging job market, it can be difficult for a young professional to make choices about what type of career you’d really like to pursue. The options can seem nearly limitless, and it may feel impossible to truly consider all of the necessary factors involved in your decision-making.

Furthermore, many Millennials feel compelled to find work that is personally fulfilling and beneficial to their community. If you’re looking to find something more than “just a job,” Work on Purpose might just provide the answers you’re looking for.

Work on Purpose tells the stories of five young advocates and change makers, all of them inspirational in that they once found themselves in precisely your position. They, too, felt challenged to find meaningful work, but often had little idea of where to begin.

Changing the world is a real possibility, and Lara Galinsky and Kelly Nuxol, the authors of Work on Purpose, believe they have the formula for making your goals a reality. Through the stories of these role models and their formula for finding your own best fit, the authors hope to help you navigate the difficult journey of choosing a career that truly fulfills you.

Their formula is based on following a three-prong approach to finding the right career for you:

1. Listen to your heart. Discovering what motivates you, what drives you to action and what gets you out of bed in the morning is the first step to attaining your ideal career.

2. Use your head. All of us have strengths and weaknesses. Seriously consider what innate gifts you’ve been given, and use them to your advantage. These are the tools you have that will help you to stand out and succeed on your road to a successful and meaningful career. In other words, careers are not made on passion alone.

3. Unleash your hustle. This is where the “work on purpose” comes in. Once you’ve determined what your passionate about and what talents you can contribute, it’s time to get down to business. Establish your goals, keep a determined focus on accomplishing them, and pursue them doggedly each and every day. When you are inspired by the work that you’re doing, you will most likely find that it doesn’t feel much like “a job” at all.

Is all of this even possible in tough economic times like we now find ourselves? The authors say yes. “Hardship often spurs people to understand and appreciate what’s really important to them, like serving others. Nonprofit jobs are [currently] on the rise, along with volunteerism, government jobs and for-profit jobs with a positive social impact.”

Need some inspiration and more tactical tips? Check out, for an online platform, the book and interactive tools that support young people in the journey towards developing a meaningful career and a purposeful life.

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