What Too-Tight Pants Taught Me About Changing My Goals

I noticed in my October newsletter that many of you clicked on the link to my new suit. What I didn’t say is that I was shopping for a new suit because, due to the pandemic, aging and that peanut M&M habit I’ve written about before, I have officially gone up a pants size.  I […]

Why I Don’t Want to Talk About Quiet Quitting

Every month, I have a call with my fabulous content marketing team at Rep Cap to talk about my upcoming month’s newsletter. On our latest call, I told them that the one thing I absolutely didn’t want to write about this month was “quiet quitting.”  Why not? I’ve seen so many different definitions of the […]

A “Control Enthusiast”’s Guide to Workplace Uncertainty

I once referred to myself as a “control freak” in front of a friend. “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” she said. , “You’re not a control freak; you’re a control enthusiast.” What a brilliant reframe. As a loud and proud control enthusiast, I’m the first to admit that I hate all of the uncertainty […]

The Art of Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone (a.k.a. I Tried Pilates)

I recently learned that I don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it. I took a Pilates class for the first time while on vacation in beautiful Provincetown, MA, and the instructor — a charming Irishman — gave me extra support because he knew I was a beginner.  While helping me with one […]

Why I’m Spreading the Word About Pay Transparency

Several years ago, I spoke at a conference for an advertising agency. I happened to be the only female speaker that day. At the end of the event, the (female) client pulled me aside. “I have to tell you something,” she said. “You were the best speaker today and the cheapest by half. All of […]

My Top 7 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. We have a lot to deal with and often very little time to do it. While every individual and business is different, I wanted to share some of my best habits, strategies and short-cuts in case they might help you, too. Here are seven of my favorite productivity hacks for […]

How to Confidently Make the Transition From College Life to Work Life

The transition from college life to work life is never easy, but I’m hearing from so many young graduates that this year is especially challenging. The class of 2022 has been through so much disruption, disappointment and uncertainty — and was robbed of nearly two years of face time with professors, internships and networking opportunities. […]

Mental Health Awareness Month: My Story of Living with Anxiety

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since the start of Covid, I’ve become increasingly vocal about my own lifelong struggle with anxiety and how it has impacted my work life. If my speaking up can normalize anxiety and remove the stigma for just one person, it’s worth talking about. My official diagnosis is Generalized Anxiety […]

Prepare For the Future of Work: The Top 5 Upcoming Trends

By now, the pandemic has shaken most of our core assumptions about work. When and where we work have been hotly debated for the past couple of years. Now, as evidenced by the Great Resignation, many professionals are even questioning what work is and why we do it. If anybody tells you they know where […]

How Quitting Facebook Helped Me Grow My Business

Facebook lost roughly 1 million daily active users in the last few months of 2021. I’m one of them. As part of my declared “year of no,” I decided to cancel my personal and professional Facebook and Instagram accounts. Many people have written about the personal benefits of cutting back on social media, such as […]