Corporate too casual? Men wearing shorts to work

31shorts-600.jpgAre some work clothes too casual, even for August?

Thanks to my HarperCollins editor Matt Inman for pointing out this article: “Shorts Crack the Code” in today’s New York Times.

Is it okay for men to wear shorts to work?

Obviously, the answer varies widely depending on your workplace. I’m sure there are lots of guys in shorts at web 2.0 companies and high fashion labels. And I’m sure a man showing up in shorts to an investment bank would be laughed right out of the building.

Frankly, that’s how I think it should be, for both men and women. Know your audience and “dress for success” in a way that makes sense in your industry. If you’re not totally sure what is approrpriate, I’d probably err on the side of caution and go with “big boy pants” (as my mom used to call them when my brother was little).

Guys, would you wear shorts to work? Women, what would you think if a man showed up in your workplace with his calves on display? Share your thoughts!

p.s. As for the mention of Anderson Cooper in the article, I think he is gorgeous and should wear whatever he wants…

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