Economy got you down? Move to Australia (seriously!)

Looking for an alternative to job hunting in the U.S.? It’s now easier than ever to work, study and travel in Australia.

College students have been studying abroad for decades, but in today’s increasingly global economy, international experience is becoming more and more valuable to employers. When you add the fact that job prospects in the U.S. are not exactly great right now, you may determine that it’s the right time to consider working or studying overseas. If so, I encourage you to add the Land Down Under to your list. New visa rules between the U.S. and Australia make it easier than ever.

This is a topic that’s close to my heart. After I graduated college in 1996, I studied and worked in Australia for two and-a-half years. It was an amazing, life-changing, career-enhancing experience (if you’re very, very nice to me, I might post embarrassing touristy photos of me petting kangaroos).

Because I was so far from home and surrounded by new opportunities, during my time in Australia I was able to experiment with different career interests, including working for a PR agency, a magazine, a city council and a film festival. As someone who was undecided about my career path out of college, living abroad was a great way to explore my options without feeling too much pressure. Plus, when I returned to the U.S., job interviewers were impressed with my international experience.

Want to learn more about Australia and opportunities to travel, work, study and live there? Visit MySpace and add MySydney as a friend.  You’ll find very helpful info on getting a Work and Holiday visa, going to school, getting a job and having fun Down Under. You can also enter a contest to win a dream working vacation in Sydney. If I weren’t over 30, I’d enter myself!

Have any questions about working, studying or living in Australia? Please ask — I’d love to share my personal experience.

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