Gen Y and the “entitlement” thing

This article appears on the WORKS by Nicole Williams website — thanks to the team at WORKS for making it a featured story!

Here’s an unfortunate news flash: Current twentysomething career women—part of Generation Y—don’t always have the best reputation in the workplace. Perhaps you’ve heard some of the following comments made about your generation (not you, of course…just, um, other people your age):

“They don’t want to pay their dues.”

“They’ve been overly coddled and want instant feedback and instant gratification.”

“All they want to do is play on Facebook.”


No stereotype is ever 100 percent true (and lots of people have good things to say about today’s young workers), but it’s important to know that this perception is out there. Why? Because if you’re aware of it, then you can learn and benefit from it…

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