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LinkedIn logoServing as LinkedIn’s Ambassador for the past four years has been an exciting opportunity to connect with people around the world and recognize how much, as LinkedIn would say, “relationships matter.” I’ve talked with job seekers, recruiters, executives and professionals like you about the best strategies to build profiles and network with a growing community on this professional social network. It’s been great fun to learn along with you as LinkedIn continues to change the way people find jobs and, now, consider higher education.

The questions I am most often asked by people center around how LinkedIn can really help them – from quiet job seekers to professionals building a business to making powerful connections. Consider this blog post your all-in-one spot for LinkedIn advice. Here are my top 5 posts about utilizing LinkedIn:

1.) LinkedIn Profiles vs. Resumes: What’s the Difference?

There’s lots of talk about LinkedIn replacing a resume these days. I think each serve a purpose, and in this post I offer tips about making a meaningful resume and LinkedIn profile while distinguishing between the two.

2.) How to Network with VIPs on LinkedIn

One of the top reasons people join LinkedIn is to get connected with some of the important people – VIPs – whom they know are already on the network. But, getting a VIP’s attention is no easy task, and furthermore it takes a special kind of etiquette. In this post, I share some sample messages you can use to get a conversation started with someone in a senior-level position.

3.) How to Tap Your LinkedIn Network for Your Next Opportunity

Of course, some of the most important connections you can make on LinkedIn are with the people you already know – your existing network. LinkedIn often helps people realize the true power of their own networks in their careers. In this post, I talk about how to discover what your connections can do to help you and how to continue to giving to your network to keep them feeling appreciated.

4.) The Stealth Job Search: How to Job Hunt Privately on LinkedIn

As with any social network, the things you say and do are connected back to you publicly online. This can work to your advantage in many situations, but for those who want to keep their job search quiet, I offer specific strategies and ideas for private LinkedIn use in this post. Cutting off your LinkedIn network could be crippling in a modern job search, and LinkedIn’s got you covered with privacy settings to match your needs.

5.) Lurk First (and 4 More Tips on Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn Groups)

LinkedIn is not just a network for job seekers – professionals building a business or looking to expand their networks can benefit greatly from many LinkedIn features. One of my favorites is LinkedIn groups, and I offer tips here to help you communicate effectively in a group along with strategies to create one-on-one conversations.

What are your favorite LinkedIn tips and tricks?

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