Millennials Are Looking for a Strong Company Culture

Millennials Are Looking for a Strong Company CultureCulture — if your company has a great one, you already know it. A strong company culture helps employees connect with their employer. Millennials in particular tend to look for a strong company culture — they want to know what’s important to their employers and how the workplace environment reflects that. This week, I’ve been reading about the importance of company culture, what millennials are looking for when it comes to culture, and how your company can build its own.

For Millennials, Company Culture Means (Almost) Everything via Business News Daily: “While the majority of the millennials surveyed said pay and benefits are most likely to increase their overall engagement and satisfaction with their current employer, those aren’t the only things they’re seeking. Good career and development opportunities, performance recognition, open and complete communication, flexible work environments and a strong leadership team are among the other ways employers can increase happiness among their youngest employees.”

6 Steps to Strengthening Company Culture via Entrepreneur: “Company culture is a big deal. It factors in when making hiring decisions, as well as branding and marketing decisions. While it’s often referred to as a ‘vibe,’ or otherwise something unquantifiable, company culture can — in many ways — affect a project or a company’s success. After all, company culture doesn’t just happen. It’s something you create and have to actively manage, just as you would keep tabs on and make tweaks to any other initiative at your company.”

3 Company Culture Rules That Will Save Your Startup From Implosion via Fast Company: “Profit and expansion aren’t the only lightning-speed factors startup leaders need to worry about. Because industries and their respective technologies and consumers also evolve at a rapid pace, startups must establish and cheerlead core values to maintain stability for the team and maintain focus on the core mission.”

Millennials and the Changing World of Work via Global News: “The workplace culture is also important. ‘This driver and desire to grow and develop, to constantly be moving forward is a very powerful engagement driver,’ said Ruth Wright, a researcher with the Conference Board of Canada. “If a workplace offers training and advancement opportunities, it becomes a much more appealing place to work.”

Millennials in Charge via Human Resource Executive Online: “At Dow, approximately one in five of the global chemical company’s managers are members of Gen Y, says Frank Burroughs, global talent management director. Millennials have been a positive influence on the company in a number of ways, he says. ‘They probably drive our corporate-social-responsibility program more than being driven by it. Their tech-savviness has helped us in a lot of areas…We have to acknowledge differences but not accentuate them, because, in the end, we want one culture. And that’s why we keep coming back to emphasizing what you have in common — that’s what great leaders do.’”

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