On HuffingtonPost.com: How Millennial Women Are Shaping Our Future

It’s not easy for twentysomething women these days.

Every day there are stories in the media about Generation Y: They have helicopter parents who run their lives! They are a “lost generation” who will never find jobs! They are coddled and entitled and can’t pay attention for more than 140 characters at a time!

While there are certainly truths underneath these headlines — many Gen Ys look for parental support, they are facing a very tough job market and they love texting — I’ve often wondered why, particularly in today’s challenging times, we aren’t eager to seek out more positive stories about our future leaders. In my experience working with and studying Millennials for the past eight years, I’ve found a large majority of them to be amazingly optimistic, innovative and courageous — particularly the women, many of whom have grown up with access to more life options than any generation of women in history.

When I was approached by Levi Strauss & Company to collaborate on a research report seeking to dig deeper into the attitudes, experiences and goals of Millennial women, I jumped at the opportunity for quantitative data to back up my personal experiences. Through this research, “Shaping a New Future,” I’ve had the privilege of digging deeper into what Millennial women are thinking, where they turn for advice and how they see our shared future. And — spoiler alert — I’ve found even more reasons to be optimistic about Generation Y.

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Disclosure: I am a paid consultant and spokesperson for Levi’s Shape What’s to Come campaign.

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