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One Day, One Job

one-day-one-job-logo.gifA big thank you to Willy Franzen and the team at One Day, One Job for the awesome review of my book, Getting from College to Career.

What is One Day, One Job, you ask? It’s a must read for any entry-level job seeker in today’s uber-competitive, weakening economy, everything-is-slower-in-the-summer job market. Recent Cornell grad Willy Franzen started One Day, One Job (and its sister site, One Day, One Internship) to do exactly what its name suggests: feature one hiring company a day.

One Day, One Job’s mission is to revolutionize job hunting by doing much of the leg work for you, finding companies — usually ones that are off the beaten (Fortune 500) path — that are hiring entry-level candidates. Willy and his team also provide an article about each company, so you know as much as possible about what the company does and what they’re looking for. All you have to do is apply.

Beyond the great daily jobs, I love the site’s articles, where the One Day, One Job team shares its strategies for finding the jobs they list — from Google searches to magazine “best of” lists to cold calling and more. The job search process is in constant flux, and One Day, One Job is on top of all the trends.

Click here to visit One Day, One Job.

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  1. Very interesting new book Lindsey! From their articles and website, it seems the much of the advice in One Day One Job applies to job seekers of all ages. For instance, I liked their article on the 8 Simple Tips to Localizing Your Job Search. I was just talking with a coaching client yesterday about this and I’m going to send her the link! Thanks for the great resource.

  2. Solana Nolfo says:

    Wow! Wish that One Day, One Job (and Getting from College to Career, of course) was around when I was looking for my first post-college job. It almost hurts to think back to all of those afternoons spent flipping through binders of job listings in my college’s career development office…and any job that I was interested in was usually filled by the time that I called! But those were the old days. 🙂 Thanks to you and other great resources, today’s recent college grads might have time to job hunt and enjoy an afternoon in the sun.