Communication Is Essential to Engaging Millennials

Recruiting and engaging millennial employees is essential to companies that want to thrive today and grow in the years to come. Millennials value transparency and communication from employers, so to engage these young workers, companies need to learn to listen to millennials and communicate with them about company culture, business objectives, career paths and more.

This week, I’ve been reading up on how employers can effectively reach millennial employees and engage them on the job. I hope you find these articles as useful as I did.

How to Retain and Engage Millennials With the Right Company Culture. LifeHealthPro: “More than ever before, it’s more acceptable to be yourself in the workplace. These days, letting your hair down won’t undermine your authority but rather will boost the connection with your teams. The erosion of many of today’s workplace formalities has caused a rise in more and more people bringing their authentic selves to work. Because they place a high value on transparency, millennials respond well to authentic leaders. They won’t want to leave a culture where diversity is celebrated, one-of-a-kind experiences are shared, strengths are valued, voices given and stories are shared.”

Millennials in the Workforce — Engaging Them, Retaining Them. The Huffington Post: “Although corporate hierarchies will probably always exist, making everyone within an organization, especially the newest members of the workforce, understand their value and importance to the company is crucial…When you properly communicate your organization’s purpose, standards and goals down to the entire team, it helps everyone have a true sense of what they’re working together to accomplish and how their everyday work and actions are making an impact on reaching those goals. To produce their best work, millennials need to feel engaged in what they’re doing. Keep them in the loop and do so on a regular basis.”

Federal Workforce Trends in 2015: Finding and Keeping the Right Talent is Top Priority. Federal News Radio: “What millennials want — and what agencies need to offer if they hope to attract and retain this young talent — are clearly defined progression paths, professional development and training options, and growth and leadership opportunities. In other words, millennials who work for, or want to work for, the federal government are seeking careers, not just jobs. As government programs embrace new workplace trends, millennials will be more excited to pursue extended federal careers, ensuring that leadership positions left open by today’s retirees will be filled with accomplished and passionate young talent. Recruiters and managers must effectively communicate the distinction and value that federal employment offers during all stages of the employment process.”

Engaging Millennials. LinkedIn: “Millennials want to work for companies that have a positive impact on society. They want to identify with the company’s brand, its footprint, a greater cause. Millennials want to know what their company does with all the profits they make and if is this in sync with their own values. Getting 20 and 30 year olds fully engaged in your company will require that you give them autonomy to complete the goal or task the way they want to: is this at the office, at a corner table at the local Starbucks or on a webinar from home?”

What’s your favorite way to engage your millennial audience? Leave an answer in the comments!

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