How to Recruit Millennials: Start By Building an Engaging Workplace

How to Recruit Millennials: Start By Building an Engaging WorkplaceYour company’s ability to recruit millennials hinges on its ability to appeal to their interests and goals. Millennials are looking to work for organizations that provide career advancement opportunities and engaging corporate cultures. When you make sure to highlight these aspects of your business, millennials are more likely to come on board and remain loyal once they’re hired.

This week, I’ve been reading about how to recruit millennials by creating corporate cultures and hiring processes that appeal to them.

How to Hire Through Snapchat (And Other Ways to Recruit Millennials). Inc.: “LMO ramped up its emphasis on training and learning through programs like ‘LMO University,’ which communicates what various departments do, trains workers in different skill sets, and shares recent trends in the marketplace….While LMO made a number of internal changes in part to recruit talented Millennials, Laughlin urges entrepreneurs to stay true to their company culture before making changes based on what they think will appeal to young professionals.”

How the Best Businesses Recruit and Retain Millennials. Paychex: “More important than wages and benefits, they look for work with career advancement opportunity. They don’t just see career advancement as scaling the professional ladder. Instead, millennials look at professional growth as learning opportunities. Millennials are looking for companies that place premiums on career development, whether it’s a focus on mentorship or providing continued training or education opportunities. Companies that provide these options for career growth may be more likely to attract and keep millennials for the long haul.”

How to Recruit and Retain Millennials at Your Workplace. Robert Half: “This generation places a lot of value on skill development. If millennials feel they aren’t receiving adequate opportunities to maximize their skills or acquire new ones, it can drive them to job hop. By offering regular training opportunities, you will help them grow professionally and establish roots in your organization. Generation Y members derive a sense of purpose and satisfaction from new experiences, which give them opportunities to apply their skills in different ways and make them more well-rounded employees.”

How Can Recruiters Engage Millennial Candidates? Undercover Recruiter: “Most hiring processes are time-consuming and require a lot of paperwork. Because of this, some Millennials choose to opt out of the process. In order to engage these Millennials, recruiters have to keep the process efficient, such as screening, interviewing, and scheduling in a single engagement. The process also has to be transparent, which means that the candidates are kept in the loop throughout the recruiting process. During the recruiting process, it is important to give Millennials the feeling that they are asset to the company and their works will be appreciated. They also want honest feedback. They need to be able to ask questions that allow them to understand the company and how they can fit into the company culture.”

5 Need-to-Know Facts About Millennial Candidates. Recruiting Blogs: “Millennials have a keen social tuning and are motivated by development of society as a whole. While generations before them may have asked about CSR initiatives, this generation demands it. Understanding this key fact will help hiring managers target their selling points to the development of the organization. The success of the organization both financially and (more importantly) socially can make-it or break-it when your job offer rivals that of the competitor. Millennial candidates want to know the social organizations your company collaborates with whether it’s Habitat for Humanity or local social wellness initiatives. List these volunteer opportunities to not only attract young professionals but also deepen their trust in the company.”

How do you recruit millennial employees? I’d love to know — please share in the comments!

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