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Lindsey Pollak Recalculating Book Pre-Order
Recalculating Now Available for Pre-Order
Do not ever miss out on a career opportunity because you didn't try for it. You can't recalculate if you don't even start the journey.

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"Always be recalculating. We get one journey in this lifetime. And that journey should be filled with recalculations. Those who live in fear of change will lose. Don’t be afraid to recalculate. Lindsey Pollak is spot on."
"Recalculating is the career guide that I wish I would’ve had when I was going through my own career transition."
"In Recalculating, Lindsey provides very specific and actionable advice on how to shift your mindset, set big goals, build your network, and get the job you want. This book should be THE standard for anyone looking for a new job or career."
"No one is better suited to be our guide through these challenging times than the best-selling author, Lindsey Pollak. In Recalculating, she provides the master roadmap for anyone seeking a new role, new job are taking on a career transition. It’s a must read.”

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Check out @lindseypollak's brand new book #Recalculating. It's like having a personal #career coach and cheerleader to land a job or navigate your career in these challenging times. #WeAreAllRecalculating

#Recalculator Rule #1: Embrace Creativity. Cast a wider net of #career and #job possibilities to increase your chances of success. Read this and many more tips in @lindseypollak's brand new book, #Recalculating! #WeAreAllRecalculating

Current #jobmarket causing you stress? #Career expert @lindseypollak‘s new book #Recalculating has everything you need to be successful when surrounded by unpredictability. #WeAreAllRecalculating

“You can’t recalculate if you don’t even start the journey.” Time to jump in! #NYT bestseller @lindseypollak has everything needed in her newest book #Recalculating to help you jumpstart your #career right now. #WeAreAllRecalculating

Want a new #job, #careerchange or #promotion, but don’t know where to begin? Let @lindseypollak be your guide and #motivation with her brand new book, #Recalculating. Don’t be afraid of your own success. #WeAreAllRecalculating

#WeAreAllRecalculating. Let #career expert @lindseypollak be on your team with her new book, #Recalculating. Packed with advice, tricks and #motivation, the newest release from this #NYT bestselling #author will have you in control of your career.

#Career expert @lindseypollak says, “Decide that it’s your chance to shine.” Her newest book, #Recalculating, is available for preorder now. Don’t miss out on her offer to guide you through the shifts, twists and turns of navigating a changing career. #WeAreAllRecalculating

Calling all #jobseekers! #Recalculating, the brand new book by career expert @lindseypollak, is exactly what you need to land a job and take control of your #career in 2021. #WeAreAllRecalculating

In ever-changing times, we must “control what we can” to ensure #success in the #workplace. Let @lindseypollak help you #prioritizeaction and take control of your #career with her new book, #Recalculating #WeAreAllRecalculating